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1. About WhiteNote
2. Cooperation in WhiteNote project

1. About WhiteNote

WhiteNote app narrates musical note files (in XML or MXL formats) for visually impaired people. There are apps that convert the images of scanned music sheets to XML or MXL formats, and WhiteNote can read these files and speak them.

The name of this application is driven from the Persian name for half note, which is called white note as it is like an empty circle. The name also has a reference to the white cane which is the symbol of visually impaired.

With Whitenote, you can move from braille musical notes to digital files that are much easier to move, copy, and get.

2. Cooperation with WhiteNote project

The major help for this project at this stage is production of XML files. You can send us your XML files so that we add them to our online library for public use.

XML Files of most of famous classical music sheets can be found on internet, but XML files of learning books or Persian and pop music is rarely found online and are strongly needed. We are very much hopeful that volunteers help us in production of these files.

How to create MXL/XML files?

You can create XML files by two methods:

If you have music sheet files that you want to share with the others, we can put them under your name in our library. Please send them to

Besides WhiteNote website ( ) you can access Persian ESpeak programing group website ( ) to get the latest news on other software developed for visually impaired in Iran. You can also join this website's newsletter to receive news and updates about these software.